The world needs a new source of energy

HB11 Energy will realize electricity generation with the fusion of hydrogen and boron-11 (HB11) using lasers. It will create an unlimited source of clean, safe and reliable energy using fuels that are abundant in nature using a reaction that does not produce radioactive waste.

Conceived of by pioneering physicist and Founder Prof Heinrich Hora, HB11 Energy’s technology differs radically from all other fusion approaches as it does not require fuels to be heated. Other fusion approaches require temperatures of tens or hundreds of millions of degrees C, a technical hurdle that  has held all back from practical energy generation for decades.

Benefits of the HB-11 Energy generation are:


It is carbon neutral

The fuel is abundant and safe - Boron 11 comprises approximately 80% of all boron found in nature and is easily available in open-pit mines. Boron-11 is not radioactive and therefore safe.

The reaction is safe - the HB11 reaction is aneutronic, meaning it does not produce neutrons responsible for the safety issues associated with most nuclear reactions.

No radioactive waste – the only waste product is harmless and inert helium.

Reactor cannot melt down.

Not intermittent – allowing generation of baseload power to a grid.  

Scalable - Direct electricity generation bypasses the need for steam turbines to operate a generator. This allows for generation to range from; smaller and cheaper reactors suitable for remote power applications for ships, remote mines or factories; or larger plants to provide the baseload power of a city.

In the next thirty years we have the combined challenge of massively reducing carbon emissions whilst managing an increase in global energy demand of 50%. Burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity is the single largest contributor to current carbon emissions responsible for global warming.

HB11 could have the answer.

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